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Make money with QUBO

Easy and convenient cooperation through the B2B system, good profit!
The company "QUBO" has been operating in the Latvian market since 2016, but the experience of frameless furniture has been gained twice as long. Our products are exported throughout the Baltic region, Scandinavia, France and the Czech Republic. We know all the details that partners face when starting to work with our products, and we have developed effective solutions to reduce losses and provide all the advantages that will allow us to compete in new markets.

The B2B system offers different profit levels and advantages:
1. Default level (DEFAULT) - the most suitable cooperation for online stores, with a provided XML file, in which available warehouse balances appear every day. Within the Baltics, we can provide DROP SHIPPING service, as well as quality product images and descriptions in all languages: Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian and English
2. Medium level (MEDIUM) - suitable for stores-salons that ensure the delivery of products independently. The possibility to order non-standard solutions for the execution of models, to receive our advertising banners and handouts, as well as fabric samples and catalogs for the fulfillment of a certain amount of orders.
3. Distributor level (LARGE) - our full support for the start of operations, a contact base in the partner's region of operation, the possibility of creating individual orders, as well as ensuring the manufacture of products according to the partner's brand, with the provision of orders of a certain volume.

You choose your cooperation model and apply to start  negotiations.

Choose quality, modern design and no delayed deliveries
For 6 years, our partners have been provided with the best materials, well-designed models and a wide color palette
Our brand is registered and recognized throughout Europe, but the team is actively working on recognition thanks to extensive social network activities, participation in international exhibitions and support in international events.
We are often chosen by designers because of the original models and high quality, because every little detail is important to us when realizing a new idea.

For retail partners/online stores
Get standard cooperation agreement terms and available models for trading
Get a transparent XML file for integration on the homepage with all product images and descriptions

For sales representatives
Get all the support you need to start operations in your region, including product catalogs and promotional materials, as well as a regional contact base
Check if the region you have chosen is open to start cooperation

For designers and marketing companies
Get the widest choice of materials and colors to develop individual solutions for customers.
Recyclable materials, production of non-standard size products, as well as logo embroidery. 

Long-term cooperation - wider opportunities
Regular partners receive special offers and promotions several times a year.
In advertising and media, we widely support our most established partners, inviting customers to visit their stores.
Our production maintains high quality standards and takes care to prevent defects, and is always on time due to continuously controlled stock balances
Every year, 2-3 new models are offered to the customers, as well as a renewed range of modern materials.
Unique model solutions ensure long-term product durability and relevance.

Receive a personalized offer with a sample of the agreement and a digital product catalog

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